Modern Phase Research Institute


The Modern Phase Research Institute conducts research at the forefront of various fields such as sociology, political science, education, philosophy, and tourism. Researchers teaching at the highest educational institutes established this research group to confront the difficulties of modern society by recognizing its various phases, solving their problems, and introducing the solutions.

所員 | Chief Fellow

堀内 進之介|Shinnosuke HORIUCHI

政治社会学者[博士(社会学]。専門は、批判的社会理論。 Screenless Media Lab. 所長、東京都立大学客員研究員。朝日カルチャーセンター講師、ほか。単著に善意という暴力』(幻冬舎新書)、人工知能時代を〈善く生きる〉技術』(集英社新書)、『感情で釣られる人々』(集英社新書)、『知と情意の政治学』(教育評論社)。共著に『AIアシスタントのコア・コンセプト』(BNN出版)ほか多数

所員 | Technical Fellow

吉岡 直樹 |Naoki YOSHIOKA

(株)XAMOSCHi代表。 Screenless Media Lab. Technical Fellow 。日本ディープラーニング協会認定ゼネラリスト(JDLA DeepLearning for GENERAL 2017)、米国 PMI®認定プロジェクトマネジメント・プロフェッショナル、経営学MQT上級(NOMA)、ウェブ解析士(WACA)、日本マネジメント学会正会員(個人)。共著に『AIアシスタントのコア・コンセプト/人工知能時代の意思決定プロセスデザイン』がある。


書籍 | Books


Modern Phase Research Institute writes and publishes books with high level contents for beginners and professionals to establish researchers’ daily studies.



講義 | lecture


Our research institute provides not only knowledge and information but is also active in various fields. By holding events such as seminars and talks, we hope to create a social infrastructure based on the knowledge gained from collected information and data analysis and providing consulting and management services based on our research.