Public relations


期間:2011 - 2017 クライアント・パートナー:フィリピン政府観光省



2015年はフィリピン観光年として文化、芸術、スポーツ、食など更に多方面での盛り上がりを見せており、日本国内でも電車広告や様々なイベントの開催も積極的に行っています。観光省ウェブサイトやイベント出展などにおいては、全面的に観光年「Visit the Philippines Year」を打ち出し、更に多くの渡航者への訴求を行っています。

The Philippines, a destination that meets the needs of a wide range of targets, from active female travelers to families.

Japanese travelers make up the third largest group of visitors to the Philippines after Americans and Chinese. We have targeted active female travelers with a campaign promoting the Philippines as a beach resort destination just 4 hours from Japan. Additionally, by promoting the Philippines as an easily accessible location to learn English as a second language (ESL), we have succeeded in increasing the number of Japanese ESL students from 3000 in 2010 to more than 30 thousand in 2014.

The year 2015 is “The Year to Visit the Philippines,” and various events in the areas of culture, art, sports, and cuisine, are taking place all over the Philippines. In Japan, events and advertising on trains is taking place as well. At the Philippine Tourism Department of Tourism website and event booths, we emphasize “The Year to Visit the Philippines” to attract more travelers.